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The leading title for brokers in the UK insurance industry

Insurance Age has been serving the UK regional broker community for more than 30 years. Through exclusive news stories, analysis, interviews and features, it delivers the market intelligence that brokers need to improve their business.

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Our portfolio of events includes two of the largest exhibitions in the UK broker market and the only broker-focused awards ceremony.


Insurance market

The UK insurance market, currently estimated to be worth £225 billion, is in constant flux and has recently been characterised by consolidation of major players. The market swings between profitable and less profitable periods, in what is known as the underwriting or insurance cycle, oscillating between soft periods of low premiums and profits and hard periods of rising premiums.

Our understanding of the market, and its trends, ensures we can provide business insight and information to those charting a path for their organisations. Brokers have trusted Insurance Age to deliver market intelligence that is relevant to them for the last 30 years.

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Every business operating in this space is constantly adjusting to cyclical pressures, as well as innovating and adapting to several areas. These include new products, such as driverless cars and cyber insurance, new distribution channels and technology guiding changes in business models, and increased risk and regulation requirements.

All businesses operating in this space are having to adjust to these cyclical pressures, as well as innovating and adapting to:

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