Redefining and refining our digital commercial solutions

Redefining and refining our digital commercial solutions



Redefining and refining our digital commercial solutions

The start of July has seen the introduction of a new advertising model for all of our digital media brands: cost per hour (CPH).

Working closely with technology companies Moat and GeoEdge on the new time-based system, we can now increase our marketing effectiveness by measuring not only whether an ad is seen or not, but for how long.

The measurement, initially pioneered by the FT, allows advertisers to reach our global audience with greater brand impact than through impressions alone. Tests have shown not only a significant uplift in brand recognition and association among readers, but it also ensures 100% viewability of five seconds or more for clients.

Our work with Moat allows our brands to sell blocks of audience time to advertisers with the guarantee that the client will only be charged for ads that are seen for more than five seconds of ‘active’ time with 100% viewability. With CPH, we can now report on how long each impression has been viewed and the total duration of exposure across the campaign.

Time and value

While cost per mille (CPM) – also known as cost per thousand – values every impression the same, CPH uses time to measure value.

The FT has shown through extensive testing that brand familiarity and recollection among readers increases significantly the longer an ad is in view. Adverts seen for five seconds or more on show up to 50% higher brand recall and familiarity than ads that are visible for a shorter period of time.

Refine CPH model

In addition to better serving advertisers, time-based metrics will benefit publishers. CPH values quality content over quantity, or real reader engagement over clicks.

Time-based advertising is also a more efficient use of inventory: the FT has been able to use data insights to optimise its inventory towards high-performing time placements. This results in a reduction in inventory to serve a minimum of 10% more time, compared with a CPM campaign of the same spend.

This focus on time fits well with our publications, where time-on-page and article length are much longer than comparable publishers, and as such offer an opportunity we can now monetise with our clients.

Other publishers offering CPH include The Economist, The New York Times, The Times, The Daily Telegraph and The Drum.

Refine rebrand

To coincide with the introduction of our CPH solution, we are rebranding all of our commercial advertising, lead and content-marketing solutions under the ‘Refine’ umbrella.

We have chosen the Refine name because refining removes impurities or unwanted elements, improving quality clarity and effectiveness. In essence, we are improving the overall quality and effectiveness of our commercial offering by refining it. Our aim is to ‘redefine and refine our digital commercial solutions’.

We have worked on improving a series of metrics – including, viewability, clickthrough rate, robotic traffic, compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and brand safety – to become significantly better than the industry average.

Through the Refine programme, we will offer an ‘ad-quality guarantee’ to demonstrate our commitment to our clients to provide industry leading best practice standards. This will position us as a higher-quality, more trustworthy partner for our clients, and is intended to help us win business over competitors who do not have such high standards or guarantees.

Commenting on these new developments, Lee Hartt, managing director of Central Banking, FX Week, Insurance Age, Insurance Post and Waterstechnology, says: “The introduction of CPH, the Refine programme and our ad-quality guarantee elevates us above our peers and competitors to offer our clients a tangible advantage in working with us. This advantage, combined with the innovative CPH offering, will allow us to have many more discussions with clients about commercial options and result in more revenue for our market-leading brands.”

About GeoEdge

Our partnership with GeoEdge demonstrates our commitment to ensuring a safe, high-quality user experience, which inspires trust in our brands and all the commercial partners with whom we work.

GeoEdge will continuously scan and examine our ad inventory, alerting us in real time to any malicious or non-compliant advertising present on our network.

This automation of ad-quality monitoring leads to better brand safety and an efficient campaign implementation process, as well as ensuring our clients are always GDPR-compliant.

About Moat

Investment in an analytical tool such as Moat allows us to measure and evaluate the success of digital campaigns, sharing in-depth insight with our partners in the most effective way to leverage the attention of our online users.

Clickthrough rate is a metric traditionally thought of as an indicator of campaign performance, but now Moat is changing perspectives by providing attention-quality statistics (such as viewable exposure time, which measures the amount of time your ad or content was exposed to your intended audience), equipping marketers with a new comprehensive lens through which to asses digital-marketing strategies.

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