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Expert analysis and news, covering the financial information and technology markets

Waterstechnology has, since 1983, provided insight on technology and data that investment banks, exchanges, asset managers and hedge funds use to manage their day-to-day operations.

Coverage spans the whole spectrum of financial technology, from security, data, regulation and compliance to competitive analysis, and organisational and business change. Each of these topics is covered in depth through a global series of events, including summits, awards, briefings, webinars and roundtables.

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Financial technology market

The global financial technology industry is a large and rapidly changing market, with expenditure estimated at £130 billion and fintech investments expected to grow at 18% per annum. This fast-moving market is characterised by consolidation, besides new entrants, products and technologies.

Our understanding and coverage of trading technology and data, as well as the broader fintech market, supports the business-critical information needs of our customers.

The use of technology and data underpins every aspect of day-to-day operations in financial institutions – including compliance around executed trades, cyber-risk threats and regulatory requirements. Our focus on this market is two-fold:


As disruptive technologies emerge and existing ones evolve, there is a need for capital markets firms to clarity their investments in them. Technology vendors and financial institutions rely on us to tell them how buy- and sell-side firms select, buy and implement technologies – and manage the risks. We provide strategic support to vendors on product development and strategy.


Market data volumes continue to grow and increase in complexity. Chief data officers need to understand how their peers are managing, structuring and integrating data, improving its quality and reporting on it. Given the large budgets involved, market and reference data specialists value and rely on the independent analysis and insight we provide through our brands.

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